RoadmapAnd Development

WISP is our solution for eSports

1. wisp game

WISP is an e-sports web3 platform, designed to remove the problem of match fixing, to fill a gap in tournament infrastructure of offline esports clubs and to benefit online games without a tournament system.

2. tournament

We are experts in organizing gaming tournaments: online, offline, and hybrid. With our platform, organizing and conducting tournaments has become more convenient than ever before. We strive to provide gamers, organizers, sponsors, observers, and spectators with every opportunity for successful collaboration and satisfying their needs.

3. software

Our WISP software solution allows you to connect third-party games to our platform, providing flexibility and availability for everyone. In addition, the WISP team integrates our software with your gaming centre, where it performs the functions of time control and statistics for each user. The system collects all the information and offers you ERP tools for easier management. Moreover, our system provides an opportunity for your gaming center to organize its own tournament.



The idea came from our customer Artsiom. Artsiom has always been curious about e-sports and loved playing local tournaments in his hometown. He wanted to create a platform where all his friends, neighbours and people from all over the world could play together…



K&K TEAM got an order. Earlier we started to develop opportunities to enter a Web3 market and have seen Artjom’s offer as an opportunity to make something big huge, interesting and valuable. We negotiated to move further together with Artjom to make it a united project.



With a finished concept of what we were doing, we set to work. Developers, designers, managers, testers and analysts started working through all the possible outcomes in a search of a better version of the MVP. The concept went through several checks, from the tournament administration to the financial system proof.



And so we begin. September 2022 is our big day. Our prototype is ready and our platform starts working without embedded NFTs and cryptocurrencies, we are testing servers, making improvements and refining our prototype to take to the exhibition in Dubai.

january 2023


January 2023, the new year starts with the launch of the MVPs and the launch of the first tournaments. Later these tournaments are held on a daily basis, we are negotiating with partners and attracting sponsors.

may 2023


We are searching for partnerships in face of long-term tournament organizers.

This round we rise


We are searching for partnerships in face of long-term tournament organizers.


We are searching for partnerships in face of long-term tournament organizers.

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