1. wisp game

WISP is an e-sports web3 platform, designed to remove the problem of match fixing, to fill a gap in tournament infrastructure of offline esports clubs and to benefit online games without a tournament system.


2. tournament

We are experts in organizing gaming tournaments: online, offline, and hybrid. With our platform, organizing and conducting tournaments has become more convenient than ever before. We strive to provide gamers, organizers, sponsors, observers, and spectators with every opportunity for successful collaboration and satisfying their needs.


3. software

Our WISP software solution enables third-party game integration, enhancing flexibility and accessibility. It also integrates with your gaming centre, offering time control, user statistics, and ERP tools for simplified management. Additionally, our system facilitates the organization of in-house tournaments at your gaming center.



Q2 / 2022

Start of development

Q3-Q4 / 2023

Release of the platform into the web2. Daily tournaments, sponsored tournaments. Cyberclub organized tournaments.

Q2-Q3 / 2024

Start of web3 development, adding new game modes, integration with eSports clubs

q4 / 2024

ICO/IDO, launchpad exposure, adding AI components

q2-q3 / 2025

Blockchain league, blockchain tournaments, AI commentator release

Our SpecialTournament Grid

We challenge all the strongest teams in various disciplines who won’t be afraid to step into the unknown to know themselves in a fight without preliminary preparation for a particular opponent.


first circle
  • 1 round

    32 Teams

    32 teams compete against each other in pairs. The losers should not get sad, for they have another chance!

  • 2 round

    16 Teams

    Winners of the first round advance to the second round and keep competing.

  • 4 round

    8 Teams

    Now 8 winners of the second round play to get to play-off!

  • play off

    4 Teams

    4 winners of circle A meet 4 winners of Circle B to meet in the Semi-Finals!


first circle
  • 3 round

    16+8 Teams

    It's time for losers. 1st and 2nd round losers get ready to play!

  • 5 round

    12+4 Teams

    3rd round (the one for losers) winners are fighting against 4th round losers.

  • 6 round

    8 Teams

    Previous round winners play among each other for getting to Play Off!

  • play off

    4 Teams

    Round 6 winners get to the Semi-Finals and compete Circle A teams.


first circle
  • 1/4

    4+4 Teams

    Almost! 4 out of 8 teams will go through to the stage!

  • 1/2

    4 Teams

    …! 4 teams are competing to get to the final.


first circle
  • final

    2 Teams

    Almost! 4 out of 8 teams will get to the stage!


We are looking for partners for organizing tournaments.

This round we rise


We are looking for partners for organizing tournaments.


We are looking for partners for organizing tournaments.

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